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***Action Alert***

May 30th, 2009 · No Comments

***Action Alert***

“Colorado model” astroturf group calling itself Arapahope (”Progressive Change for our Community and Our Nation- no word about individuals) is organizing the local Single-Payer National Day of Action Rally on the capitol steps to support the enslavement of doctors and nurses, the destruction of innovation in the American medical industry, and the collectivization of healthcare under a “single payer” government planning bureaucracy– er, oops,  I mean “single-payer healthcare reform”.

Where: Colorado Capitol Building, West Steps.
When: Saturday, May 30, from 10am to noon.

If you are interested in attending a counterprotest in favor of free-market healthcare reform alternatives, there are several allied pro-liberty groups organizing them – People’s Press Collective will provide more information as it becomes available.  Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from organizing your own counterprotest, on your own initiative, or simply showing up across the street with your own placards to counter the Progressive/liberal fascist message…that initiative is what being part of the grassroots is really about (not David Plouffe and various Progressive front organizations doing all the work and thinking for you, and giving you your marching orders and pre-digested focus-grouped messaging).

And if you do attend, remember to do your citizen journalist duty by taking pictures and video of the protest and the counterprotest alike.  Interview attendees and discover if they understand the implications of collectivizing healthcare in America.  Document the lies and distortions presented by the speakers. Record the ridiculous and inane screechings of the Raging Grannies. And when you’re done, share links to your blog, photo gallery, or videos with PPC – we’ll be happy to provide additional exposure to the best protest coverage.

Don’t let this astroturf propaganda push go unchallenged – the Progressive left is counting on your silence and inaction to buttress their claims of a “groundswell” of support from the masses for their single-payer healthcare scheme. If theirs are the only voices heard, how will our representatives in Colorado and Washington D.C. know otherwise?

Demand free-market reforms that promote affordability and accessibility for all – not single-payer collectivization that robs you of control over your own healthcare decisions, reduces quality of care while increasing costs and red tape, and guarantees rationing of services while disincentivizing medical innovation.

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